Introducing City Forest Park

The green beating heart for Greater Manchester; a natural space for culture and the arts.

We want to create place that draws in the inquistive and the adventurous, by establishing City Forest Park as a natural space for culture and the arts. At City Forest Park we want to set the stage for something spellbinding to happen.

Standing like a beacon, City Forest Park will draw people from all backgrounds and communities for shared experiences that will bridge divides and cross cultural boundaries.

With the right investment, we will be able to realise City Forest Park's full potential and give the region the inspiring green space and culture hub it deserves and needs.

We plan to regenerate the entire site, undertake well-planned and well-placed greening, benefitting local communities, as well as bringing widespread positive economic and social impact.


Now is the time to join us to help make this a reality. Make an investment today and realise the vision for Greater Manchester's City Forest Park.

Contact Tony Hothersall; 0161 872 1660;