Saturday, 15 September, 2018 - 12:00

This Sustrans public engagement event is still in planning, but it is hoped that we will have an engaging and enjoyable afternoon and that an outcome of this will be to have encouraged new users of all kinds to the Loop. 

It is likely that there will be two centres to the afternoon – one at St. Werburgh’s Road and one at Levenshulme Quadrants. 

One of the themes of the afternoon will be to ask people participating, and the general public passing through, for their input into ideas for improvements to entrances and access points along the Loop.  We also hope people will share thoughts about a stronger public identity for the route. In addition we hope to better understand why people might hesitate to use the route, and look to them for ideas for solutions to these barriers. We want everyone to have a really good afternoon out, and to feel welcomed into and attracted by the space and the route.

For more information visit the Friends of Fallowfield Loop website.