BLOG: Go Wild in the Woods: Great green days out across Greater Manchester

23 August 2019

Our Go Wild in the Woods campaign is back again this summer to encourage families across Greater Manchester to explore the woodland across our city region. Woodland is so important to our environment and eco-system but it's important not to forget how vital it is to childhood.

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BLOG: Go batty this International Bat Night

20 August 2019

International Bat Night, where nature conservation agencies come together across Europe to highlight how important bats are, takes place over August 24 and 25 and has taken place every year since 1997 in more than 30 countries.

BLOG: Go Wild in the Woods: Activity ideas for a rainy day

15 August 2019

Whatever the weather you can explore Greater Manchester's great outdoors. However here are some ideas to make sure the rain doesn't stop play!

BLOG: The Big Butterfly Count 2019

5 August 2019

Who doesn't still get excited when they see a stunning butterfly fluttering around their garden or out on a walk? However, the Butterfly Conservation organisation's State of the UK butterflies report in 2015 found that 70% of UK species were in decline in occurrence, and 57% have declined in abundance.

BLOG: Go Wild in the Woods: Amazing activities for the summer holidays

25 July 2019

We're thrilled to be launching our Go Wild in the Woods campaign again this summer, just in time for the school holidays! 

BLOG: Dragonflies aka the 'unequal winged'

10 July 2019

This July The British Dragonfly Society is running it’s #DragonflyChallenge2019 asking people to learn more about these amazing flying critters, as well as try spot some of them whilst out and about!

BLOG: SUDS in the City

11 July 2019

Green Blue Urban (GBU) and City of Trees Manchester deliver the 2019 Manchester Roadshow.