BLOG: Helping you ‘How to…’

17 September 2018

Sarah, Marketing & Communications Manager at City of Trees, explains why the team have created a series of six ‘How to…’ guides to inspire the community to not only get planting new trees but help preserve our existing ones!

At its heart City of Trees is a movement bringing together organisations, companies, businesses, other environmental charities as well as developers - all to help green Greater Manchester.

As a small charity we can only ever achieve so much as the ‘City of Trees team’ so our ethos has always been to bringing people together to achieve the vision of planting 3million trees within a generation.

We are striving to make City of Trees part of the fabric of Greater Manchester – the trees, the bees and the buzzing cultural scene.

Our supporters are passionate about trees, woods and all the lovely green stuff across Greater Manchester and we are always inspired that so many of you get in touch – whether that’s through our website, social channels – and of course face to face at events!

Many of you come to us with similar questions and queries and clearly the community is interested in the same things - planting more trees as well as protecting and preserving the ones we have.

This has led us to create a series of six ‘How to…’ guides around key topics of interest to you.

Our new, free to download guides can be found ain our Resource Library and include:

  • How to…Establish a community orchard
  • How to…Create a community woodland group
  • How to…Look after your community woodland
  • How to…Get an outdoor education area for your school
  • How to…Protect and preserve your local trees and woods
  • How to…Get a tree planted on your street or road

We hope these will empower and inspire you to take action in your community!

We would welcome your feedback on these, as well as any ideas for additional ‘How to…’ guides. And as always, we love to hear what you are doing to green Greater Manchester. Get in touch with us via the website or facebook, twitter and Instagram /cityoftreesmcr.