BLOG: National Nestbox Week

13 February 2020

National Nestbox week takes place 14 – 21 February and is all about making more homes for Britain’s birds.

Why do we need more nestboxes?

British birds are short of nesting holes due to an overall reduction in our green spaces as well as renovation of old buildings.

Parks and gardens are also becoming more manicured so there are fewer natural holes for birds to find a home in, such as in old trees or woodland.

Urban development and modern buildings often don’t allow for those nooks and crannies that birds to nest.

Some birds, such as swifts, return to the same nesting site year on year so our rapidly changing towns and cities can cause problems for these summer visitors.

All of this has resulted in a population decline of some of our most loved British birds.


Which birds might nest in a box?

Birds that prefer smaller entrance nesting box holes (approx. 25mm in diameter) include house sparrows, blue tits, great tits, redstarts and nuthatches.

Robins, wrens and pied wagtail prefer open fronted boxes and larger holes are needed for birds such as woodpeckers and starlings.


How do I get started?

You can download our resource below which takes you through the steps of how to build a nestbox, where to put it and how to take care of it.

There is also a wealth of information at

Remember to share your nestbox progress with us on twitter, Instagram and facebook /cityoftreesmcr ​