BLOG: Terrifying Trees this Halloween

26 October 2018

This Halloween we celebrate spooky trees, magic and mystery surrounding trees and woods as well as share some tall terrible tales!

Spooky trees

Have you found yourself walking around trees after dark and suddenly felt afraid? Maybe you could see a face hidden in a tree trunk and it’s watching you!

Maybe the trees looked like a giant? 

Walking down an avenue of ancient, knarled looking trees? Are they leaning towards you?

Don’t upset a magical tree!

Spooky trees are not just in the mind. Trees definitely do have a magical side and in folklore they have long been associated with witches, spirits and fairies.

There is lots of magic and mystery surrounding Hawthorn trees; It's said you shouldn't fall asleep under a Hawthorn tree on Midsummers Eve as you may wake up in the Fairy Kingdom and be forced to dance until death! It's also told you shouldn't sniff the blossom of a Hawthorn as it’s said to have the scent of death. Apparently it’s bad luck to cut down a Hawthorn tree – the fairies will get their revenge!

Beech is also known to give an 'evil eye' curse for those foolish enough to stare.Check out this evil eye on a 500 year old oak tree at Dunham Massey in Altrincham.

Terrible tales about trees

At Halloween, some spine-tingling tales from around the UK about spooky trees:

“We spotted ghosts of people hanging from the trees. Local folklore says that this was once the location of a hanging tree”

“An oak tree in our park is said to be haunted by those once hanged there (including a woman in white). It’s said the Devil can be summoned by walking around it six times.”

“The village sycamore tree was weeping sap in the form of a man’s face. What’s more, we recognised the face as a man in the village, who had been buried without a coffin and his angry spirit was coming back to haunt us…”

"A shadowy hound, slightly larger than a Saint Bernard dog, haunted our woodland. We never saw the creature directly, but only from the corner of the eye. We could hear scraping sounds like claws on concrete can also be heard, but always behind us”

“Legend said that the lady of the manor threw herself off a tower, spilling blood on a tree leaving it cursed. If a branch fell from the tree, a member of the family residing at the manor house was said to die soon after.”

“Our tree was said to have grown from a stake driven into the heart of a man buried here named George (some legends say Saint George). The tree would bleed if cut” 

“Animated bones appear under the village oak on midsummer night's eve to dance and jig until the sun rises on the following day” .

Do you have a spooky tree tale to share with us or perhaps some pictures of scary trees and woods? Share them with us on facebook, twitter and instagram /cityoftreesmcr!