Join in the City Nature Challenge

20 April 2020

The City Nature Challenge is back this year with a little twist! Between Friday 24th and Monday 27th April people are asked to record the everyday wildlife living right on our doorstep. Find out how to take part and join the global wildlife recording movement from the comfort of your own home.

The City Nature Challenge (CNC) is a global event which began in 2018 and is designed to get people involved in wildlife recording and learning about nature in their local area. 

Normally CNC is a competition between different cities around the world, however this year people are being encouraged people to come together to record the wildlife on their doorstep - whether it’s a pigeon on your balcony, a tree on your street or some wildflowers that have popped up in the bottom of your garden! This is a chance to learn more about our beautiful wildlife and contribute to conservation.

This year over 250 cities around the world are taking part, and you can be part of it by recording the wildlife you see using the free recording app, iNaturalist.

Katie from the City of Trees team has produced a useful vlog showing you how to use iNaturalist. Watch below:



Get Involved

Show us what you’ve spotted in your garden or in your local park! Tag us on facebook, twitter or Instagram: @cityoftreesmcr using the hashtags #EverydayWildlife and #CityNatureChallenge

Download the iNaturalist for android and apple devices: