The University of Manchester staff support local causes

22 June 2017

Through their recent staff survey, the University of Manchester have raised an amazing £1,837 to support the work of City of Trees.

Kate Cassidy, Internal Communications Manager at The University of Manchester said: “Our staff were given a shortlist of local charities to receive a £1 donation for each Staff Survey completed. We’re delighted that City of Trees will benefit and look forward to hearing how our donation will help make Greater Manchester a greener, healthier environment to live and work in.”

Each year, City of Trees has to raise at least £600,000 to keep its doors open and deliver projects that help connect people to the places that matter to them. From woodland and orchard creation to schools projects and street trees, trees deliver a whole range of benefits which make them an essential part of the future of Greater Manchester.

They create healthier, happier communities, help tackle climate change, reconnect people to the natural world and provide essential habitats for wildlife.

Sian Day, City of Trees Fundraising Manager said: “We are hugely grateful for the generous donation from The University of Manchester. As a charity we rely on our partners in the community to help create a greener environment that everyone in Greater Manchester can enjoy."

To get involved with fundraising to support the City of Trees movement, contact Sian on or call 0161 8721660.