Your boots are made for walking this autumn

10 October 2017.

Greater Manchester’s first ever autumn Walking Week runs from Saturday 21 October to Sunday 29 October, offering more than 100 free guided walks to choose from across the region, with an number of walks led by City of Trees.

Coordinated by Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), with support from many local walking groups and charities, Greater Manchester Walking Week aims to showcase all that the region has to offer on foot.

The event’s calendar features many expert-led walks, catering to a variety of interests and themes for all ages and abilities.

For adults looking for a challenge, there are lots of trails to pique their interest, be it getting out and about with Mountain Rescue teams, giving Nordic walking a go or getting up into the hills for spectacular views. There’s also a selection of guided walks designed to entertain the family. From trick or treat treks to welly walks, there’s plenty to keep little ones occupied during the half-term break.

The full list of walks can be found at the Greater Manchester Walking Week webpage.

City of Trees are leading two walks as part of the festival; a Fungi Forage on Monday 23 October at Bickershaw in Wigan and a Tree ID Walk on Wednesday 25 October at Longford Park in Trafford.

Chris Boardman, Greater Manchester’s Cycling and Walking Commissioner, said: “The Mayor’s aim is to make Greater Manchester the best place to live and we can do this by enabling people to walk more short journeys.

“Walking briskly for 20 minutes a day can add up to seven years to your life and if we start to switch short car journeys for walking we can help to cut congestion and improve the air we breathe. I hope that by encouraging people to get involved in TfGM’s Greater Manchester Walking Week, they will be inspired to continue walking regularly after the event has ended.”

TfGM’s Interim Head of Active Travel, Sam Coppin, added: “I’m delighted that we’re launching the first Greater Manchester autumn Walking Week this month. The event aims to get as many people as possible across the region to find out how easy – and enjoyable – walking can be. No special equipment is required when it comes to walking, you can even pop out on your lunch break and get active.

“Autumn is heralded for its beauty as the landscape changes colour, so this is the perfect time for people to explore and experience everything Greater Manchester has to offer. The walks, which cater for a variety of abilities and ages, also provide the chance to meet new people. I’d like to thank all our walking partners and walk leaders, many of whom are voluntary, who run all the walks and make this event possible.”

Funded by the Department of Transport, the Greater Manchester Walking Week and annual Walking Festival is part of TfGM’s Active Travel programme, encouraging people to walk more as part of their daily routine. Printed brochures will be available from a wide range of places, including TfGM travel shops, leisure centres and libraries, in the next few weeks.

Visit for more details and keep up to date via the TfGM Walking Facebook page, or search for the #GMWalking hashtag on Twitter.