Support a scheme

If you are a company, organisation or business looking to help make Greater Manchester a healthier, happier, more resilient and prosperous place to live, work and enjoy then we have a number of initiatives that you can support to help grow your green credentials.

We work with you
We know that in business flexibility is key. Every organisation is unique and has its own priorities, visions and values. We can work with you to ensure your support is tailored to your interests - whether that’s a specific location, or a particular issue you feel passionate about, we’ll help you get closer to the people and places that matter to you.

Get in touch to find out how we can work together – email or call 0161 872 1660.


Urban orchards

Help us to create community orchards across Greater Manchester alongside training for local people to help maintain them.

Orchards have played an important role in our communities for hundreds of years, providing a space for gatherings and celebrations as well as providing a bounty of fresh fruits and nuts. 

They are fantastic places for people to come together as a focal point for community activities, promote the health benefits of fresh produce and outdoor exercise, improve wellbeing and make our cities and neighbourhoods more pleasant places to live.

Schools Projects

Support us to build further networks with schools across Greater Manchester in order to strengthen the relationship between children, woodlands and wildlife.

From innovative projects like rain gardens, mini-green roofs; edible playgrounds to growing projects we work closely with schools in order to re-connect children to the nature right on their doorstep.

We support Forest Schools and encourage children to take part in outdoor learning.


Green Streets

We want to transform gloomy grey streets into gorgeous green backdrops for new developments, town centres and residential areas.

We can do this in a number of ways through large scale or strategic tree planting, to green roofs and walls providing innovative and stunning solutions to urban greening. We’ve already worked on a number of exciting projects in Manchester City Centre, Stockport, Salford, Wigan, Bury and Bolton.

We work with each organisation very closely; offering our extensive knowledge of green infrastructure enabling you to get the most impact out of any initiative.

Find out more about our street trees partnership with Viridor.


Fund a forest or woodland

We work to bring unused or unloved woodland back to life, as well as creating new habitats for wildlife.

We have opportunities for both individuals who want to leave a lasting legacy, or organisations wanting to make a real difference and associate themsleves with the protection of invaluable urban forest.

This unique and exciting opportunity allows you to be part of something very special – whether that’s creating new woodland, with possible naming rights, or bringing unused or unloved woodland back to life.

We already have a number of sites throughout Greater Manchester and are keen to identify new opportunities. If this is something you are interested in get in touch and we can offer further information and site visits.



You can also see our range of live projects which are ready and waiting to happen, with the right investment.